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Cambly’s Hiring Process

Applying to Cambly, or already applied and wondering about Cambly’s hiring process? Here is a step by step guide to the Cambly hiring process.

Cambly is an online platform that connects English language learners with native English speakers for language practice through video chat. I taught for them around 2020, and loved it. The hiring process hasn’t changed much since I first applied to them in 2019.

So, here are the general outline of the steps involved in the Cambly hiring process based on the information available up to August 2023. Please note that you should visit the official Cambly website or contact their support for the most up-to-date information on their hiring process.

But, here’s a general guide:

Guide: Cambly Hiring

1: Application

  1. Visit the Cambly website ( and navigate to the “Become a Tutor” or “Apply to Teach” section. Or, go through here and use my referral and ask me any questions along the way.
  2. Fill out the online application form, providing your personal information, language skills, and teaching experience if any.
  3. You might need to upload a brief introduction video where you introduce yourself and demonstrate your English speaking skills.

2: Profile Review

  • After submitting your application, the Cambly team will review your profile and application materials. Be sure you have a great background in any video you submit for them.
  • If your profile meets their initial requirements, you may receive an invitation to proceed to the next step.

3: Interview and Demo

  • In 2019, I didn’t need to complete an interview for Cambly to hire me. I just taped a demo class for them and an introduction of myself. However, Cambly may schedule you for an online interview and teaching demo with a Cambly team member.
  • During the interview, you might be asked about your teaching approach, your experience, and your ability to engage with language learners effectively.
  • The demo session will involve interacting with the interviewer as if they were a language learner, showcasing your teaching style, patience, and communication skills.

4: Background Check

  • If you successfully pass the interview and demo, Cambly may require you to undergo a background check. This is to ensure the safety of their students.
  • You might need to provide certain personal information and consent to the background check process.

5: Onboarding

  • Once your background check clears, you may receive an offer to join Cambly as a tutor.
  • You will likely need to sign agreements, provide payment details for receiving payments, and set up your tutor profile on the Cambly platform.

6: Starting Sessions

  • Once your onboarding is complete, you can start scheduling and conducting English practice sessions with students.
  • Cambly often operates on a flexible schedule, allowing you to log in and accept sessions whenever you’re available.

Please note that this is a general outline of the Cambly hiring process and may have changed or evolved since my last update. Always refer to the official Cambly website or contact their support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their hiring process and requirements.

How long does it take?

How long does Cambly usually take to accept or reject applicants?

Cambly has rolling hiring practices. They might take months to accept your application, or they might hire you within a week. It depends on your qualifications, but it also depends on their current need for tutors.

In fact, Cambly has ebbs and flows like any other company.

Join Cambly Reddit Groups

The best way to keep up to date on Cambly’s hiring practice, is to join Reddit groups.

Join r/OnlineESLTeaching

Search for “Cambly” and you will see many current Cambly teachers posting about their experiences, as well as get a sense of Cambly’s need for new tutors.

Remember, Cambly is just one option for teaching English online. You can also apply to Engoo, if you need to get hired quickly.

In addition, you can search through the comprehensive chart and apply to many other companies. Some even pay better! Blanket applying to all might be your best bet.

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Ingrid Maria Pimsner, MA, BA, TEFL
Ingrid Maria Pimsner, MA, BA, TEFL

Ingrid Maria Pimsner has been teaching for over a decade in various universities, nonprofits, and private academies. She has taught English as a Second Language for Lutheran Children & Family Service, Nationalities Service Center, Lernstudio Barbarossa Berlin-Tegel, and more. In addition to her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification, she holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a MA from Maryland Institute College of Art.