Freelance Teaching

Do you want to set your own pay rates for your English classes and start your freelance online English teaching career?

There are two ways to be a freelance online English teacher:

1. post your profile on a tutoring platform, or

2. market yourself and build your booking platform

Top Tutoring Platforms for Teaching English Online

Do you want to create your own lesson plans? If so, there are many platforms that let you do this. Here are some common platforms that let you teach English online your own way:

The benefit of these sites is that you can set your own rates and potentially earn much more money. Also, these platforms are a good option for non-native speakers. They do not discriminate against non-native speakers of English because students choose their teachers. Some students prefer a native speaker of their first language. They might want to ask questions in their native language or feel intimated by a full English immersion experience.

Use LearnCube

If you want to teach students independently and use your own platform, then consider using LearnCube.

LearnCube is a great platform for freelance teachers. The platform can be used as an ESL teacher platform for freelance teachers. It operates like an entire online school. Learncube is customizable to your brand so you can make your own independent ESL teaching platform. 

Learncube includes these features:

  • booking systems
  • payment Gateways (You can have parents pay through WeChat and Alipay via Stripe)
  • Class scheduling
  • landing pages
  • interactive classrooms with all the features that you are used to and more

You can try the free trial to see if you like all of their features.

Freelance Online English Teaching: Marketing

There are also downsides to working for yourself. Like any business, self-employed English teachers will need to market themselves. It might take a long time to build a student base.

Also, English teachers that work for themselves might command low rates at the beginning. It is important to differentiate yourself from the competition if you want to teach English online privately and work for yourself.

For example, offering business English, or English for graduate program admissions, or English for pilots, and so on.

Teach English Online and Work for Myself

You can also build your own booking platform.

Also, if you want to be a totally independent freelance online English teacher, you need to build your own booking platform. Read “Build Your Own Tutor Service Booking Website”, an e-book from Foreign Development English, that can guide you. Then join the Facebook group: Online Teachers – Independent, Fulfilled & HIGHLY Paid! for more support and networking.

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“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

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