Teach English online

If you want to teach English online, skip the research and start teaching remotely by working for Cambly.

They are an easy and rewarding ESL company with one of the lowest barriers to entry for new teachers.

  • Get paid every Monday
  • No degree necessary
  • No minimum hours and no commitment
  • Earn $10.20 USD/hour
  • Teach from home from anywhere around the world

Or, you can learn more about all the different companies that hire teachers to teach English online from my comparison chart.

Compare ESL Companies

I originally made this site for online English teachers who want to compare ESL companies.

Check out the comparison chart below or read the posts below it to learn about different ESL employers and more.

you can expect to earn $2000 to $4000 a month (or more) teaching English online.

Why teach English online?

ESL teachers are in high demand. The online English language learning market has substantial global worth and potential so there is an incredible demand for online English teachers. English and the internet are growing together and online ESL companies are expanding into India, Africa, and more rural parts of Asia.

You may have heard that there are too many online ESL teachers now. The reality is that the market is flooded with mediocre online teachers. Be great! No, not like Melania’s “be best”, which isn’t grammatically correct and a warning of the perils of poor English lessons.

Language is our Shared Future

If you speak English, you’re in good company: about 20% of the Earth’s population speaks English with you.

But most people learned English as a second language. It is our global language; a lingua franca needed for many jobs and travel.

Did you know that many native English speakers don’t bother learning another language? Only about one in five Americans – 19% – think it is essential to speak a second language, despite the fact that the future of humanity is multi-cultural, intersectional, and global.

Every day, we use language across borders to argue, learn, negotiate, document, legislate, celebrate, and even love one another. Indeed, teaching English online is an in demand job because language competency is one of the most important skills our modern world requires.

More profoundly, we don’t know how our language shapes our thoughts until we learn another. We can never truly understand our own language, or our thinking’s limitations and possibilities, without learning other languages.

My Experience as an Online English Teacher

I have been teaching English, art history, and studio art classes for over ten years for universities, public elementary schools, and various nonprofits and private academies. For over five years, I have taught online and love it. I would like to share my professional experiences with you to give you tips to start, or boost, your own English teaching career.

In addition, I am a painter and run an artist residency program. I am the founder and current director of The International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory, an artist residency in Romania.

What does teaching online allow you to do?

  • Travel the world
  • Work from home (which is great for juggling young children, too)
  • Ditch the 9-5 workday. Finally enjoy some flexibility. You can book classes when you want, and sometimes even cancel ahead of time when you want (though, usually this is bad practice.)
  • Be your own boss. You can work for ESL companies but you can also work for yourself and teach English. You can build your own business, charge your own rates, and be your own boss.
  • Meet new people and learn about new cultures. I have made good friends from teaching online, especially adult students.
  • Learn more about linguistics and your own language. The greatest way to learn about a topic is to teach it. I understand and appreciate languages much more now that I teach them to others. For example, teaching students voiced and unvoiced consonants made me aware of my vocal-chords while speaking and transformed my awareness of the /th/ sound.
  • Make a difference and support another person’s life progress. You’ll help students ace that test, or get that dream job, or finally feel comfortable in their new country. Some student are refugees, so you can truly change a life by sharing your language skills with others.
  • Have fun! Exploring languages and cultures online is just plain fun, and teaching English allows you to share your joy with others.

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