Well Paid Online Job in Manila as an Expat?

Remote teaching is a good option if you are looking for a well paid online job in Manila as an Expat.

Remote teaching is a good option if you are looking for a well paid online job in Manila as an expat. One popular way to work online is to teach English online, as you have independence, a flexible schedule, and you can earn in the dollar or Euro while living in a country with a favorable exchange rate where your hourly rate will go very far. You can easily travel around as a remote ESL teacher, too.

Here are some companies that will hire you to teach English remotely. You can also consider customer service support jobs or social media moderating jobs. Scroll to the end of the post for more information about remote support jobs for companies with branches the Philippines.

Teach for Cambly

For example, Cambly is one of the lower paid online English platforms, but teaching for Cambly earns you perhaps 1K monthly while the average salary in the Philippines is roughly PHP 15,200, which is less than USD 350. This means you are earning triple of the average neighbor around you. Cambly is a great option for beginning teachers because they don’t require a degree.

  • Get paid every Monday
  • No degree necessary
  • No minimum hours and no commitment
  • Earn $10.20 USD/hour
  • Teach from home from anywhere around the world

Teach for Palfish

Regardless if you are a native speaker or not, you can consider applying to Palfish or the many other online teaching jobs that will hire you regardless of where you live.

There are many online teaching companies that hire from Manila and you can look at my exhaustive chart to see which ESL employer is the best fit for you.

Scour the big names: Indeed, Glassdoor, Expat.com

You can apply to ESL jobs available on Indeed.com, the most popular job site currently, by setting your filter to Manila and searching for keywords such as “home-based online ESL teacher” or “Online English Teacher”.

Don’t forget to check out other sites for online jobs in Manila, such as Glassdoor, which has “Expat Jobs in Philippines” posts and currently has 114 expats jobs in Manila alone. Also, expat.com which lists professional opportunities for expats in the Philippines. Many of their job listings are for temporary work from home opportunities in email and chat support for various companies, as well as social media content moderators or telesales specialist jobs.  

Of course, you can also contact businesses that have offices in the Philippines and ask if they have opportunites for working in Manila as a foreigner.

Digital nomads (a popular term for expats who travel while working remotely often post questions about working in Manila in reddit groups such as r/digitalnomad so consider joining these and connecting with other remote workers in Manila to expand your network, too. Often, the best way to get hired is to meet someone who already works in the company to which you would like to apply.

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