Teach English online as a non-native speaker

It is definitely possible to teach English online as a non-native speaker. Here are the top online ESL companies hiring non-native speakers.

Top online ESL companies hiring non-native speakers:

Can a Non-Native Speaker Teach English Online?

Are you a non-native English speaker who wants to teach English online? What constitutes a “native” speaker is problematic at best, but we will stick with this common phrase for the duration of this blog post as most readers will recognize it.

 teach English online as a non-   native speaker.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. It is definitely possible to teach English online as a non- native speaker.

Again, it is absolutely possible to teach English online full-time even if you are not a native speaker.

If you are fluent in English, some students might even consider that English is your second language as a major asset. They might be looking for a teacher who speaks their native language and fluent English. This can be an advantage when marketing yourself to a niche student base and building your own regular student base.

You might also have a better understanding of grammar than many native speakers of English. I can attest to the fact that many public schools in America, for example, do not teach advanced grammar. For example, I did not learn about the dative case until I studied German in college! The truth is that you need to learn another language to truly understand your own.

How Much Can A Non-Native Speaker Earn Teaching English Online?

However, the rates to teach English online will often be substantially lower for non-native English speakers. Many companies, such as iTutorGroup, pin your hourly rate to your county of residence. This is particularly frustrating as you may be a fluent English speaker based in Vietnam. iTutorGroup will pay you peanuts if this is the case, regardless of your qualifications. The good news is that iTutorGroup is always hiring, and you have a good chance of being hired even as a citizen of a country that has English as only one of their official languages.

Personally, I think Cambly should be celebrated more for their consistency of pay across nationalities. Many online English teachers are frustrated by Cambly’s relatively low pay (roughly $10 an hour). However, Cambly is also one of the few platforms that pays a South African citizen equal to a British citizen or an American citizen. They uphold consistent pay for all employees and should be lauded for that.

BOTTOM LINE: You can get paid to teach English online as a non-native English speaker. Being a “non-native” speaker gives you many advantages. However, most companies still pay non-native speakers considerably less. Working for a supportive company or marketing yourself on a platform and finding your niche is extremely important in order to command equitable pay as a non-native speaker.

ESL Companies Hiring Filipino Teachers

Are you a Filipino teacher looking to teach English online? While being an online teacher, I have met so many engaging, wonderful Filipino teachers. Here are some platforms that will appreciate onboarding a teacher from the Philippines.

  1. Palfish
  2. Altoral
  3. Learntalk
  4. Skybel
  5. Bibo

And, as always, you can check out the comprehensive comparison chart, too, and filter by the category that matters to you.

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