Teach for Hujiang

Teach for Hujiang

Want to teach for Hujiang? You’ve come to the right spot! Hujiang was founded in 2001 as an online education company. When you work for Hujiang, you will be teaching English to Chinese students. Hujiang has more than 110 million users, over 20,000 courses and is in cooperation with over 500 schools. It is a leading professional e-learning platform in China.

Teach for Hujiang: Teacher Requirements

  • BA in any field
  • Native speaker of English

The minimum requirements to teach for Hujiang are a bachelor’s degree. A TESOL/ TEFL / CELTA or equivalent is preferred but not required.

How Much Does Hujiang Pay?

Roughly $15 per hour.

Hujiang‘s pay can vary from $10 – $20 per hour, though. Teachers are offered different hourly rates depending on their performance during their demo class and interview.

Hujiang pays you by the class.

One class is 25 minutes. So if your hourly rate is $15, you get paid $7.5 per class.

If your student doesn’t show up for the class, you have to stay 15 minutes in the classroom and you’ll receive 60% instead of your normal rate.

How do you get paid at Hujiang

How do you get paid? Hujiang pays teachers twice a month through Payoneer, which is similar to PayPal. To learn more, you can read my blog post “How do ESL Companies pay me?”

Hujiang’s Class Bookings and Scheduling

Hujiang requires a minimum of 10 hours per week availability. You can set your own schedule, though, and change it each month. There is flexibility in your schedule as long as you are careful not to have no-shows!

Hujiang’s Couse Material

No lesson planning is required! Hujiang supplies the course material for you. You just have to deliver the lesson and make it engaging.

When you teach for Hujiang, you will use CC Talk to deliver your lessons. CCtalk is an interactive online education platform of Hujiang EdTech and it supports many fun features during your lessons. CCtalk includes two-way audio and video live-streaming, and a two-way digital whiteboard, digital hand-raising and instant in-class quizzes. It takes some getting used to, but you will use it during your demo class and Hujiang will provide training for you.

Teach for Liksehuo and make roughly $15 an hour plus bonuses. BA and TEFL required. Non-native speakers welcome!

TEFL TESOL Qualifications

There are many certifications that fulfill Hujiang‘s requirements. If you are in need of a TESOL qualification to teach for Hujiang, you can purchase an affordable one (only 19 Euros!)  through the special discount link below or learn about other certifications from this blog post.

What Companies are like Hujiang?

If you want to check out other opportunities to teach English online, you can check out this massive comprehensive chart and sort by all the companies and their characteristics.

To learn more, chat with other teachers in our forum.

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