Teach English Online to Korean Students

Teach Korean Students: Top 4 Companies

Here are the top 4 companies you can work for to teach English online to Korean students. If you are interested in helping Korean students learn English, there are quite a few options.

#1 Engliphone

If you want to teach Korean students and you want to earn a high pay per hour, then Engliphone is the company for you. They also offer audio-only classes, in addition to their video classes. Engliphone pays $17 per hour for phone classes and $20 per hour for video classes.

Engliphone Teacher Requirements


  • A high-speed internet connection
  • requires Windows (Mac is not compatible)
  • one year of teaching experience
  • no degree required
  • no certification required
  • North American or Canadian accent

Engliphone Pay

  • pays $17 per hour for phone classes 
  • pays $20 per hour for video classes

#2 Skybel

Skybel is popular for Korean students who are prepping for their IELTS. If you have experieence teaching towards the IELTS exam, then Skybel is a great opportunity for you.

Skybel Teacher Requirements

  • No certification is required, but Skybel native speaker teachers are past IELTS examiners
  • Ask directly for most recent requirements; their email is admin@skybel.co.kr and their Skype is live:skybels.

Skybel Pay

  • Skybel pays $16-20 per hour to native speakers.

#3. Boktutors

If you are interested in teaching Korean high-school students or children, then Boktutors might be a great fit for you. Boku Tutors is an ESL company that will hire you to teach high school and elementary students. The audience is primarily Korean students who want to study abroad.

Boktutors Teacher Requirements

  • Degree required
  • No certification required
  • 2 MB/s minimum internet

Boktutors Pay

  • $13-$18/hr

#4. Carrot Global

Carrot Global is also a good fit for teachers who want to teach English online to Korean students. Carrot global also offers you the chance to teach audio-only classes, as well as video lessons. 

Carrot Global Teacher Requirements

  • BA required
  • no certification required

Carrot Global Pay

  • $13 to $17 per hour

I also made an extremely comprehensive comparison chart that you can look at, too. You can sort through the columns to filter by companies that only focus on Korean students and find the company that is the best fit for you.

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