Teach English Online to Japanese Students

Teach Japanese Students: Top 5 Companies

Here are the top 5 companies you can work for to teach English online to Japanese students. If you are interested in helping Japanese students learn English there are quite a few options.


E-communication is a good company to work for if you also know some basic Japanese. If you want to teach English online to Japanese students because you are interested in Japanese business culture and also know some Japanese and are familiar with the culture, then this company is a great pick for you because of its high pay.

Overview of E-communication.

E-communication pay: 2000 – 23000 JPY per hour. (This is roughly $20 per hour.)

E-communication Teacher Requirements:

  • ESL experience and business Experience
  • Basic Japanese speaking ability

Cafe Talk

Cafe Talk is a popular ESL company with Japanese students. Cafe Talk has Japanese adults as its audience along with adults from other countries.

Cafe Talk is a freelance English online tutoring platform. This means you post your profile and set your own rates. There are many other platforms to freelance teach English online and you can market primarily to Japanese students by noting this in your biography.

Overview of Cafe Talk

Here are some common platforms that let you teach English online to Japanese students:


I have had many Japanese students on Cambly. If you teach during Japanese priority hours and add your interest in Japanese students to your Cambly profile, then you can build up a primarily Japanese student base on Cambly too.


Eigox is an online English teaching company based in Japan. With Eigox, you can teach Japanese adults who want to focus on conversation practice.

Overview of Eigox:

Eigox Pay: 600 JPY per 25-minute lesson, or around $10 per hour)

Teacher Requirements: No BA or TEFL required!

Mainichi Eikaiwa

Mainichi Eikaiwa is Japan’s leading online English school. Most of their students are Japanese.

Mainichi Eikaiwa Overview

Mainichi Eikaiwa pay: 1500 JPY (around $14 USD) per 50-minute lesson

Mainichi Eikaiwa Teacher Requirements:

Minimum 1 year’s English teaching experience

a Bachelor’s degree

English Hunt

English Hunt has expanded into teaching Japanese students. When you teach for English hunt, you will also teach Korean students.

English Hunt Pay:

$14 per hour

English Hunt Teacher Requirements:

  • must have a BA
  • either a teaching certificate or 4 years of teaching experience.

Eigo Power

You can also teach English online to Japanese students through Eigo Power.

Eigo Power Pay: $5 – $12 USD per hour

Eigo Power Teacher Requirements:

  • No BA required
  • NO TEFL required
  • Native speaker required

I also made an extremely comprehensive comparison chart that you can look at, too. You can sort through the columns to filter by companies that only focus on Japanese students and find the company that is the best fit for you.


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