Is VIPKid Global a scam?

No, VIPKid is not a MLM (multiple-level marketing scam). VIPKID is real. You can really make 14 dollars an hour teaching cute kids English from your computer.

And, yes VIPKid is still hiring? VIPKid is still hiring new teachers for VIPKid Global, even though new regulations in China have drastically limited it. Vipkid has had to shift to teaching students from all over the world, and there have been some major pay cuts for teachers.

Then why does VIPKid seem like a cult or pyramid scheme?

VIPKid seems spammy because the company is always hiring. Teachers for VIPkid are often stay-at-home parents who teach for the company while their children are young, and then they leave and return to the brick and mortar classroom. However, there are over 300,000 kids signed up on VIPKid in China, so VIPKid needs constant teachers to cater to the market.

Apply to be a VIPKID teacher and teach English online

VIPKid is not a multiple-level marketing scam

VIPKid Global relies on current teachers to recruit new teachers. Current teachers receive a bonus to recruit new teachers. This helps VIPKid Global because it means they don’t pay for a recruiting department. 

Though there are some teachers that make a lot of money on referrals, most teachers focus on teaching. 

You can read more about the VIPKid referral program at VIPKid official blog.

I also receive a referral bonus if someone applies to VIPKid from my site. However, the candidates must actually get hired. It isn’t that easy to get hired at VIPKid- read the requirements here. 

VIPKid: Quick Overview

Pay: $14-$22/hr

Native Speaker Required? Yes

Degree Required? Yes

How to apply: Applicants need to complete a demo class and a mock class via video

VIPKid bases the curriculum on the US Common Core Standards.  This means that the methodologies will be familiar to teachers from the United States. 

VIPKid was founded in 2013 and it is not a MLM scam. Quite the opposite- backed by more than $100,000,000 in investments from leading venture capital firms, VIPKID had 500,000 registered students alongside 30,000 teachers before regulations in China caused them to pivot to a global market.

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