Every Online ESL Company Ever

This is a comprehensive list of every online ESL company ever. Old and new, big and small, good and bad online ESL companies.

Every Online ESL Company Ever

This is a comprehensive list of every online ESL company ever. Old and new, big and small, good and bad online ESL companies.

Some of these might not exist anymore, but I listed them just in case they return. So, if you want to teach English online and you think you have applied to every company and haven’t gotten a job, I assure you that you have not. Try the ones below.

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Why are ESL Jobs Often Posted with Referral Codes?

The big players (VIPkid, iTutorgroup, DaDaBC, and so on) often dominate the teacher recruitment campaigns. Vipkid recruited teachers heavily and now doesn’t exist anymore. Working for a smaller, lesser-known company might offer benefits.

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Teach for smaller online ESL companies

Next, try teaching for smaller online ESL companies. Remember, the amount of advertising you see from other teachers regarding a specific company has little relation to the value of that company. It has a lot of relation to the amount of money that the company offers current teachers to recruit other teachers.

This doesn’t mean that the most popular companies aren’t a great fit for many: they are! But, it does mean that some solid companies might fly under the radar because they simply do not recruit through current teachers. Their names won’t flood the market as the companies that are always hiring and offer bonuses to teachers who hire others.

Smaller companies might not constantly be hiring the way many of the large companies are, which also means there may be less staff turnover. Sometimes, seeing lots of advertisements for a company is not a good sign at all. If you want to work for a smaller company, then consider perusing this list.

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Comprehensive List of All Online ESL Companies

Every ESL Job

Without adieu, here is every single ESL job ever. Comments are open so please add any company that is missing, and I will add it.


A Chinese company established in 2011.

ADDRESS: Floor 13, Building A, Inventronics, No. 459, Jiang Hong Road, Bin Jiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


A Chinese company with over 10000 home-based tutors and 40000000 Chinese students

Accent Advisor

The leading American Accent Training program in America. Accent Advisor teachers provide accent reduction classes.


ALO7 an internationally renowned English learning products developer, has established itself as a pioneer of children’s education in a digital era


Antoree is a Vietnamese company that caters to Vietnamese students. Teachers can expect to teach 1 to 1 classes.


Best Teacher 

Japanese company that caters to Japanese students. Your total monthly payment sum is calculated based on the number of messages you have replied to and corrected as well as the number of Skype lessons you conducted. Payments are sent via Paypal™ 


Bibo Global Opportunity changed its name to Engoo. See below for Engoo.

Bibo Global Opportunity

Bibo Global Opportunity changed its name to Engoo. See below for Engoo.


Blazaar is a new company from Barcelona


BlingABC was founded by New Oriental Education & Technology GroupTM, a company with 27 years of history in China. BlingABC has successfully reached its third year in 2020. Bling is an online English education company that has Chinese children as its primary audience.


Cambly gives you instant access to friendly native English speakers, so you can practice English conversation. Tutors are ready to help you 24/7, whenever you have time to practice. You can browse tutor profiles to find tutors with relevant experience or interests.

Carrot English 


CoreEnglish focused primarily on the Latin American market.


Education First

Students are from all around the world.

Ehailuo tutor 




English Ninjas 



First Future


Global Mate New York









Magic Ears


Native Camp 

NIL English

Open English



Palfish free talk


Hire nonnatives


SayABC is a Chinese company. The SayABC company pays up to $17 USD per 40 minutes. Say ABC uses an Interactive platform with pre-uploaded National Geographic lessons.



Teach English



TOPICA Native 

US kids




Good bookings. They use QQ.

Kuku Abc 

Like Kukuspeak but the classes are for children.



Orange Talk


Seer English


Talk 915




A popular, well known company that employs many stay-at-home teachers from across the USA. Only hires American teachers. Green-card OK. VIPkid is a good company for teachers who like working with children K-5 and enjoy making or using creative reward systems and props.




Zebra English


ZTE Talk 915


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What is Enlai Education Solutions?

You might have seen ads for Enlai Education Solutions and wondered, “Is Enlai Education Solutions legit?” Is Enlai Education Solutions a real company?

Note that Enlai Education Solutions is not an online school. They are a headhunting company for online English teachers. Once you apply and input your qualifications, Enlai Education Solutions matches you to an online school.

Smaller Company, Better Bookings

If you want to teach English online, do some research first. Don’t just sign up with the first company you hear of. Applying to a smaller company might mean better bookings because you are competing against fewer teachers. Of course, a smaller company might also disappear in a few years. The big companies are here to stay. Ultimately, it might benefit you to sign up for more than one. Perhaps working for a major company or a smaller company could be the best fit for you.

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BOTTOM LINE: A lesser-known company might offer more opportunities.

Many of these employers differ in their requirements for teachers. Some do not require a degree, but some might require a university degree, a CELTA / TEFL or TESL certificate or some teaching experience. Don’t be discouraged. It is quite easy to obtain your TEFL.

If I am missing anything from this comprehensive list of every online ESL Company ever, let me know. New ones are sprouting up all the time (while others go under, of course).

Happy teaching!

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Ingrid Maria Pimsner, MA, BA, TEFL

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